The Fountain + Simulated Water Sample

Keys to use

1-7 Re-initialize scene with another shape of the fountain
w,s move camera forward/backward
a,d turn camera right/left
r,f move camera up/down
x,y turn camera up/down
c,v strafe left/right
Esc Exit

How does it work?

The classes CCamera and COGLTexture are described in tutorials on

The files vectors.h/.cpp provide help with vector maths.

The class CPool was made from my SwimmingPool example (also on CodeColony).

The class CAirFountain was made from my Fountain Tutorial (online, too).

Changes in those classes:
  • Fountain gets a "Pool Pointer". Each time a drop falls into the water (y < 0) I search for the pool's oscillator which is closest to the drops position. This oscillator is put down a bit (y-value is decreased).
  • When a fountain has many drops, a whole pool area is often put so strongly down that it is below the bowl and becomes invisible! This is unrealistic anyway, so the "AffectOscillator" method does not allow to put an oscillator too deep. The corresponding line of code should be replaced when using the pool for other purposes.
  • The pool has a kind of damping (which is not physically correct). Otherwise the waves would become too strong after a while.
  • The method "RenderBowl" is not very interesting - it simply renders a bowl!

    Here you can find the downloads to this document.



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